International Law and the Rights of Palestinian Refugees Course

A program organized by BADIL Center in partnership with the Center for the Rights of Palestinian Refugees/Aidon Center in Lebanon. The program targets law graduates, media professionals, and human rights defenders. It aims to expand participants’ legal knowledge and reinforce concepts related to Palestinian refugee rights and refugee protection, especially in Lebanon. This program is implemented in Lebanon, where Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians participate in in-depth lectures and studies on the rights of Palestinian refugees within the framework of international law and the international system.

Through this course, BADIL Center and Aidon Center aspire to enhance human rights concepts and approaches related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict among young actors from Palestinian and Lebanese NGOs, and to provide young people with the expertise and knowledge necessary to work in the field of advocacy, campaigning and research in order to provide protection for Palestinian refugees scattered across the world.

The course deals with a number of topics and lectures, namely: an introduction to international human rights law and international humanitarian law, refugee law and its relationship to international human rights law and international humanitarian law, the Israeli Nation State Law and the dangers to refugee rights, the role of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, the role of UNRWA and the political attacks on it, the rights of refugees in Arab countries, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement and resistance to normalization efforts, and international protection for Palestinian refugees and displaced persons, among others.

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