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BADIL’s Engagement in the 52th UNHRC, Under Item 3
BADIL’s Engagement in the 52th UNHRC, Under Item 3

BADIL calls on the Human Rights Council, and its Member States, to face the colonial mind-set of their funding policies and to reject/denounce Israel’s abuse of counter terrorism regulations.

For the 52nd regular session of the UNHRC (27 February – 4 April), BADIL submitted a written and oral statement under Item 3, highlighting the Israeli misuse of counter terrorism regulations in order to entrench its colonial-apartheid regime.

Israel has long suppressed and penalized all forms of Palestinian resistance. It has premised this on an inherently flawed conflation of resistance and terrorism, and thus justified its crimes by appealing to arguments of self-defense and counterterrorism. Such a phenomenon of shrinking spaces for Palestinian rights advocates, including the right to resist, is also discursively imposed by the international donor community through funding constraints. Indeed, politically-conditioned funding clause are based on the Israeli-induced categorization of Palestinian political parties as terrorist entities.

These discriminatory and silencing policies are not merely reflective of the colonial mind-set of the international donor community; they are part of Israel’s wider and protracted strategy to facilitate its crimes of ethnic cleansing and forced population transfer of the Palestinian people. In delegitimizing organizations dedicated to exposing these exact same crimes to the international community and to protecting Palestinian victims of these crimes, Israel is effectively creating a coercive environment in which the Palestinian people are isolated, deprived of any protection or recourse, and forced into silence.

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