Strengthening Community Resilience
Strengthening Community Resilience

This program implements initiatives and programs that provide the minimum basic needs for Palestinians in Area C in order to enhance residents’ resilience in the face of Israeli displacement policies. It seeks to develop a culture of individual and collective resistance against the forced displacement that these areas are systematically and widely exposed to.

Through this program, BADIL Center aspires to create initiatives’ models for resilience and collective action in villages and communities facing the threat of displacement in Area C. These initiatives are implemented without acquiring permits from the colonizer in order to advance a popular challenge model. Examples of this include building agricultural streets to facilitate the use of lands, supporting women’s initiatives in the field of agricultural cooperatives, and facilitating the provision of water to the people and solar cells that generate electricity.

This program is part of BADIL Center’s strategy aimed at strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian people, especially in light of the ongoing displacement, annexation, and the decline of the Palestinian people’s ability to confront colonial policies. In addition, the program aims to create a pattern of popular resistance and to highlight the coercive environment and the forced displacement policies that Israel imposes on the Palestinians wherever they exist.

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