Al-Awda Training Schools for Children

A program implemented by BADIL Center in partnership with a group of grassroots institutions across Mandatory Palestine. The training school aims to raise awareness among children and teenagers (13-16) about the Palestinian issue in general, and the Palestinian refugee issue in particular. The importance of this program stems from the alterations and amendments imposed on the Palestinian curriculum by many European countries due to Israeli pressure, which negatively impact children’s understanding of their Palestinian national identity and the Palestinian narrative.

In turn, BADIL Center worked on developing a curriculum and training guide suitable for the aforementioned age group. It deals with various issues aimed at introducing children to the Palestinian cause, the rights of Palestinian refugees and other basic issues including the geography of Mandatory Palestine, forced displacement, the Palestinian people’s collective identity, child rights,  and child prisoners,. It also incorporates a set of skill-building exercises which seek to develop children's capacities and life skills, such as teamwork, communication, and confidence.

These trainings are accompanied by field tours in refugee camps and Palestinian villages at risk of forced displacement, with the aim of introducing participants to the political, economic, and social reality of Palestinians in camps and areas at risk of forced displacement.

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