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BADIL observes World Refugee Day 2024 in Scotland
BADIL observes World Refugee Day 2024 in Scotland

In commemoration of World Refugee Day, BADIL Resource Center concluded its first advocacy tour in Scotland (19-25 June), stressing the Ongoing Nakba of 9.17 million Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons and Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip.


During that time, BADIL met with a representative of Glasgow Municipality, emphasizing the obligation of the UK to reinstate its funding to UNRWA and stop arming Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip. Actively arming a colonial-apartheid regime that is committing genocide, clearly violates the UK’s obligation to prevent and stop genocide and constitutes the UK’s complicity.


In partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Arts, the advocacy tour also included BADIL’s participation in the Common Ground Festival, which was held in Glasgow for 3 days.


The Common Ground Festival hosted a wide variety of artists and exhibitions that highlighted the refugee predicament. Attended by approximately 120 people, BADIL displayed its Ongoing Nakba posters and provided a lecture on the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip, focusing on states’ obligations and complicity.


Similar speaking events were held in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, in cooperation with the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The events were attended by 60 solidarity activists/participants and included discussions on ways to escalate direct actions in order to be more strategic, sustainable, and effective. BADIL emphasized the critical role that the solidarity movement has and will continue to play in stopping Israel’s genocide and supporting the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.