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The Palestinian Youth Forum (PYF) completed a “Strategic Planning Workshop”
The Palestinian Youth Forum (PYF) completed a “Strategic Planning Workshop”

On Sunday, 13 November 2022, the fourth and final Al-Awda training school meeting was completed within the framework of the Palestinian Youth Forum. The final training was implemented over a period of three days with 20 youth participants (11 of them are women) from the age group 18-29, coming from various areas of Mandatory Palestine.

The fourth Al-Awda school reviewed the forum’s process in the previous months, which included a session for evaluating the previously presented workshops, lectures, and trainings. Moreover, the participants were introduced to strategic planning methods through a set of exercises and workshops, which was later adapted into “PYF Rules of Procedures” and a practical framework for the forum’s activities in 2023. The workshops also discussed practical working models by using the work of Palestinian institutions, movements and organizations, and the “Prawer Will Not Pass” movement in Al Naqab as examples.

The aim of this strategic planning meeting came as a preface to dividing the forum’s participants into working committees to develop its action plans, elect its members and distribute tasks among them, leading to launching the first activity of the Palestinian Youth Forum as a Palestinian youth platform.

The Palestinian Youth Forum is one of the programs implemented by BADIL, aiming to enhance communication, engagement and identity between Palestinian youth in Mandatory Palestine, in addition to enhancing youth skills and providing them with the necessary knowledge to raise their voice to demand the rights of the Palestinian people, especially the Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.