(31 December 2020) Palestinian Digital Stories: Understanding the impact of Israeli policies from a Grassroots Perspective

BADIL concluded the "Palestinian Stories" project, which it implemented in cooperation with 6 grassroots institutions from different regions of Palestine with its mandatory borders and Lebanon. The project, included 27 male and female youth participants. The project aimed to shed light on the ongoing daily violations that Palestinians suffer from wherever they are, strengthen communication between the Palestinian people, especially in light of the escalation of the fragmentation, separation and isolation policies practiced by Israel. Policies that undermine Palestinian unity, identity and rights. 

Implemented over the past six months, the project included a series of trainings and lectures that dealt with the most prominent ongoing forced displacement policies practiced by Israel in all areas of Palestine with its mandatory borders, in addition to skills training aimed at developing the participants' capabilities related to the production of digital stories including building the film story and screenplay and production.

The participants in the project prepared 8 digital stories that shed light on issues faced by Palestinians, according to the geographical areas in which they reside, whether within Palestine with its mandatory borders or in refugee camps in Lebanon.

The topics of the digital stories varied to include: the policies that Israel uses to obliterate and Judaize the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem, the settlers' seizure of homes in the city of Jerusalem, Israeli plans aiming to control the village of Jisr al-Zarqa located within the Green Line, the suffering of Covid-19 victims inside refugee camps, and the suffering of Palestinian refugees attempting to seek refuge in Europe, the suffering of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon as a result of the Lebanese policy that prevents construction in the camps, the suffering of patients with kidney failure in the Gaza Strip as a result of the siege imposed on the Strip since 2007, and finally, the use of excessive and illegal force against Palestinian youth and causing them permanent disabilities.

Within the closing activities of the "Palestinian Stories" project, the partner organizations organized a series of digital story presentations that were produced during the project period. On 20, 22 and 30 December 2020, partner organizations organized screenings of the digital stories in Jerusalem, Lebanon and Bethlehem.  
The eight digital stories produced and released are below: