(28 August 2020) BADIL Launches the “Palestinian Stories” project


On 28 August, BADIL Resource Center, in partnership with 6 grassroots organizations in Mandatory Palestine and Lebanon, launched the “Palestinian Stories” training program, with 27 youth participants (15 young women) taking part .

The training program, that will take place during the upcoming 6 months, aims to shed light on the daily violations experienced by Palestinians in their various places of residence in Palestine and Lebanon, and to enhance the connections between Palestinians, to enable them to confront Israel’s systematic policies of fragmentation, segregation, isolation and colonialism.

The program will include online lectures about the Israeli forcible transfer policies deployed on both sides of the Green Line, in addition to several skills trainings on producing digital stories, video documentation, video editing, and photography.

Throughout the project, the participants will produce 8 digital stories documenting the daily suffering of Palestinians resulting from Israeli colonial policies and ongoing violations of human rights, followed by two screening events at the end of the training period to showcase the participant’s productions.

The “Palestinian Stories” project is part of BADIL’s efforts to empower and equip the youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to raise their voices to demand the rights of the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons, and to enhance communication between Palestinian youth on both sides of the Green Line and in exile to develop both their Palestinian identity and cohesion.