(25 December 2019) BADIL's Annual Human Rights Training Course in Lebanon

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded the 3rd annual human rights training course on 21 December in Beirut, Lebanon with 37 participants aged 18-28 (21 female). The three day training course focuses on international law and Palestinian refugee rights and is implemented in cooperation with Aidoun Organization. The aim of the course is to provide Arab students, researchers and defenders of human rights with the necessary expertise and knowledge in order to strengthen their work within the legal and human rights framework with special focus on the situation of Palestinian refugees throughout the world.

This year the topics of focus were UNRWA, the chronic funding crisis, the protection gap and labor laws regarding Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon. In addition, BADIL presented the results from its recently published Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons 2016-2018. All lectures were followed by discussion amongst the participants.

Further, BADIL also conducted a one day workshop with 20 Palestinian youth (12 female) on the issue of the youth movement tackling ongoing discrimination against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The focus was on expanding their movement and to create a broader network of youth working together. To learn more about the situation in Lebanon see BADILs position paper published September 2019 entitled Stop the Ongoing Discrimination against Palestinians Refugees in Lebanon.