(2 December 2019) Harak Umm al-Fahm: empowerment and mobilization of youth

Some of the graduates from BADIL’s Al-Awda youth school have come together and formed a movement called Harak Umm al-Fahm in their home town of Umm al-Fahm, which is located in the northern part of Palestine 1948. The youth-led Harak (‘movement’) aims to extend the knowledge and skills gained during the Al-Awda school onto other youth within their community. The leaders of the movement reached out to BADIL requesting technical expertise and skill-building in July 2019. In this regard, BADIL arranged a series of three workshops specifically focused on enhancing writing, media and public speaking skills to further enhance their advocacy skills.

The last meeting of 2019 was held on 2 December with 12 participants (8 female) from the local movement. The focus of this meeting was on critical thinking skills aiming to enhance the youth’s abilities to formulate ideas and initiatives, in addition to improve their public speaking skills. During the meeting the youth also presented and received additional feedback on articles they have written based on the previous workshop.

These workshops will continue into 2020 and the youth have already started working on new articles for which BADIL will provide further mentoring.

BADIL provides platforms for youth empowerment and engagement and encourages and supports youth-led initiatives.  In the case of Harak Umm al-Fahm, the additional workshops are their initiative to enhance their capacities in advocating for and raising awareness on the human rights situation in Palestine through the movement which includes youth outside the participants in BADIL’s al-Awda School. Through this initiative, more youth rights holders are involved and the opportunity for wider mobilization and engagement is created.