(25 November 2019) BADIL's Advocacy tour to Basque Country, Spain

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On BADIL attended and participated in an international partner initiated advocacy tour organized by Sodepaz in cooperation with other organizations active in the Basque Country, Spain from 16 - 20 November 2019. In addition to the deterioration of the human rights situation of Palestinian people, BADIL highlighted the issue of Palestinian refugees, failure of the peace process and ways to develop the strategy of the international solidarity movement.  
On 16 November, BADIL held a presentation for a group of BDS activists (25 people) in regards to Refugees and IDPs and the scope of displacement, root causes, the peace process and durable solutions. The initiative was held in cooperation with “Foro Palestina Libre” (Free Palestine Forum), an organization that participated in the 2019 International Mobilization Course for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.  . The following day there was another two hour presentation and discussion with four Trade Unions (12 people) to discuss the Spanish company CAF’s involvement in the implementation of the proposed Green Line – light railway in Jerusalem. BADIL also held a public presentation for 120 people and the Q&A section on the animation movie “The Tower”. The movie tells the story of Wardi, an eleven-year-old Palestinian girl that lives with her family in the refugee camp where she was born. The film highlights the ongoing displacement of Palestinian refugees and IDPs, the condition of Palestinian refugees that live in host countries and touches on the right of return.
On 18 November, BADIL attended and presented at a seminar (about 70 people) organized by Sodepaz on the criminalization of the solidarity movement. BADIL highlighted the scope of Palestinian displacement, the EU and the peace process, in addition to the strategic development of the international solidarity movement. A fruitful meeting was also conducted on 18 November with the Lawyers Association - Bilbao, in which a possible future cooperation was discussed.
On 19 November, in cooperation with "Solidaridd Internacional" and the Lawyers Association in Vitoria, BADIL presented on refugees and IDPs scope of displacement, protection gap in host countries and the peace process for about 60 people. The following day 20 November, BADIL held another presentation on refugees and IDPs scope of displacement, root causes, the peace process and durable solutions for about 50 university students and staff. This event was organized by Sodepaz in cooperation with Pamplona University.
The activities are part of BADIL’s efforts to engage and partner with international organizations in order to expand our scope towards reaching international civil society and enhance the work of the international solidarity movement.