(20 July 2019) BADIL and Lajee Center concludes the 4-day summer school for children

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On 19 July 2019, BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights in cooperation with Lajee Center in Aida refugee camp concluded a 4-day summer school for 21 children (13 girls), aged 10-16.

The activities were aiming at raising the children’s awareness and knowledge regarding Palestinian history and Palestinian refugees and IDPs.

The children participated in a series of activities and lectures on different topics, including Israeli forced displacement policies and how they affect Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line. To gain a deeper understanding the children attended a tour of the Etzion colonial bloc area, which included visits to the villages of Beit Sakarya and Walaja. For more information about these areas see BADIL’s short film “Increasing Palestinian resilience in Area C” and “Etzion Colonial Block: Embodiment of De-facto Annexation”.

The activities are part of BADIL’s efforts to cooperate with Palestinian community-based organizations, in order to enhance rights-holders’ awareness, engagement, and understanding of the right to return, in addition to providing them with platforms to raise their voices.