(27 June 2019) Jerusalem: the epitome of Israeli annexation, colonization and forcible transfer

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After the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel extended its jurisdiction to eastern Jerusalem by amending the Law and Administration Ordinance of 1948 on 28 June 1967. This step signified the unilateral de jureannexation of East Jerusalem.  Since then, Israel has taken significant and illegal measures to solidify its hold on the city by altering the demographic composition through population transfers and extending its sovereignty over what is internationally recognized as an occupied city.

This bulletin, Jerusalem: the epitome of Israeli annexation, colonization and forcible transferdescribes Israeli plans, measures and laws designed to achieve spatial and legal domination in Jerusalem, to create one unified Israeli city. Jerusalem then serves as a benchmark for the extension of Israeli sovereignty, which includes the rest of the West Bank, through a similar, if not identical, process of colonization, forcible transfer, and annexation, underpinned by apartheid.