(3 June 2019) Enhancing Community Mobilization through the promotion of educational and athletic activities

On 2 June 2019 BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights in cooperation with Ibda’a Cultural Center held a ceremony honoring the winners of the Q&A contest and the sports competition with cup trophies.

The activities were held during May 2019 and the Q&A participants were from seven different refugee camps: two from Ramallah, two from Hebron and three from Bethlehem. The Q&A contest was organized by Ibda’a and aimed to raise awareness on Palestinian history and identity in addition to the Palestinian right of return. The sports competition was a soccer game, organized by Lajee Center and the teams consisted of Palestinian refugee youth from villages that were depopulated in 1948.

The activities are part of a year-long program determined by the Global Palestinian Refugee Networks (GPRN) to commemorate the 71st anniversary of ongoing Nakba. A number of events will be implemented by the various members of the GPRN to shed light on the ongoing Nakba, Palestinian refugees and IDPs right of return, in addition to Palestinian history and identity.
The GPRN is a network of Palestinian community-based organizations operating with or in service of Palestinian refugees and IDPs. Currently membership in the network consists of 45 organizations spanning historic Palestine and the diaspora.

The activities are supported by BADIL within its enhancing community mobilization program and aim to increase the engagement, participation and awareness of different sectors of Palestinian civil society and provide platforms to raise their voices.