(02 March 2019) ‘Masaha’ for Palestinian Youth Identity, Cohesion and Rights


BADIL  Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded several trainings within Enhancing Youth Palestinian Refugee Identity, Cohesion, and human rights based approach at the local and international level Project (‘Masaha project’). The project aims to reinforce the connections between Palestinian youth from both sides of the Green Line and enhancing their awareness, engagement, and understandings of the right of return. Trainings were held over four sessions at BADIL Center, with the participants of 23 youth participants (12 females).

On Friday 4 January 2019, the participants were introduced to the nature of BADIL’s work and projects. During the meeting, participants also discussed the objectives and the mechanism for implantation of the Masaha project.  

On Friday 15 February 2019, sessions on identity issues, personal values, and communication skills were provided. It also included a lecture on “Refugees in International Law, the Crime of Forcible Population Transfer, and Third State Responsibility in International Law”, which aimed to enhance participants’ knowledge of the participants of international law as it concerns Palestinian refugees, particularly to end the suffering of Palestinians and hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights and international law principles.  

On Friday 1 March 2019, training on the skills of designing and implementing initiatives and the importance of community and collective actions was the focus of the third meeting. In addition a discussion panel entitled “Elections in Israel: Palestinian participation in the Knesset, Israeli Parliamentary elections, and the position of the BDS movement towards the Palestinian participation.”

On Friday 15 March 2019, discussions about how to embrace and enhance Palestinian heritage and identity took place, in addition to discussions on how Israel’s policies affect Palestinian culture and daily lives.

The project is one component of BADIL’s Youth Empowerment Program carried out by BADIL in cooperation with the Spanish organization, Peace with Dignity, and a number of Palestinian Community-based organizations on both sides of the Green Line, in order to provide space for rights holders, especially refugees and displaced persons, to express their rights and defend them.