(12 February 2019) “UNRWA is Our Right until We Return” campaign: Phase 2


Within the framework of the “UNRWA is Our Right until We Return” campaign, on Monday, February 11, 2019, the Palestinian Coalition for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (Adaleh coalition), and Global Palestinian Refugee Network (GPRN), held a preparatory meeting to finalize both the program and the activities of the joint campaign.

It was agreed upon to organize a series of activities and initiatives to be implemented between March and June 2019. These activities will include: first, a graffiti mural for highlighting attacks on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East “UNRWA” that will be completed by a group of Palestinian refugees from Palestine and the diaspora; second, an awareness raising workshop discussing BADIL’s paper titled: Confronting the Campaign Targeting UNRWA: A Palestinian Strategic Plan; and third, producing stickers, informative and awareness-building publications aimed at raising public awareness of the current attacks and restrictions imposed on UNRWA.

“UNRWA is Our Right until We Return” is a joint campaign launched by the Global Palestinian Refugee Network (GPRN) and the Palestinian Coalition for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (Adaleh), on 11 December 2018 in commemoration of the UN General Assembly 194 Resolution in 1948. The campaign aims to highlight the political attacks on the UNRWA in light of the Israeli and American strategy to defund, dismantle, and ultimately eliminate this international agency responsible for supporting Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.

To view the campaign launch statement, see here.  
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