Children of Palestine Message to the Decision Makers all over the world

Stand for Justice if Only Once: Stop the Israeli Killing of Our Brothers and Sisters

Respect Our Right to Life, Liberty, Security and Safety

We, the children of Palestine, would like to tell you our simple and direct message. We hope our voice will reach you.

We urge all of you to end the war on Gaza, force Israel to stop killing our brothers and sisters and to respect our right to life, liberty, security and safety.

As of today 29 July, 296 Palestinian children have been killed, 1680 children have been injured and more than two thousands have become orphans.

We neither have a shelter nor a place to escape to, every centimeter in Gaza is a target of Israeli warplanes, tanks, bombs and snipers’ bullets.  

We, the children of Palestine, the children of Gaza, exactly like all other children all over the world, have the right to life, liberty, security and safety. We take this opportunity to raise our voice and ask you to: protect us from Israeli offensive attacks, to protect Palestine children from the Israeli occupation and to end the 7 year siege on Gaza.

Mr. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon,

When you make no distinction between oppressors and victims, you do not maintain peace and security; you do not ensure human rights. By your statements you have encouraged Israel to continue killing us. As you cannot say the truth, we advise you to quit.

Mr. President Obama,

If you are truly concerned about civilian causalities stop advocating Israel and supplying it with the USA lethal weapons. You should know: We are not numbers, we are human beings have lives, families and future, and you are Israel’s partner in killing us.

To Ms Ashton and the EU Members,

Demanding Israel to not use excessive force does not save our lives. If you are really supporters of human rights, stop your cooperation with Israel; allow us to litigate Israeli perpetrators of war crimes in your courts.

To the Arab League,

We are disheartened of you. Therefore, we do not want you to denounce or condemn the War on Gaza, we do not want you to support us; just do not collaborate with Israel to destroy our existence and dreams.  

To the Palestinian Leadership,

Make sure that our blood, suffering and rights are not used as bargaining chips. Do not give up under international pressure; do not relinquish our rights in exchange for some sympathy and grants. 

To All Peoples and Human Rights Defenders over the globe,

We send you our greetings from Palestine and Gaza. We are strong with you. For our dignity, rights, peace and justice we need your momentum, sustainable support and solidarity to end Israeli impunity, and to stop your governments’ complicity and cooperation with Israel.  

Children of Bethlehem District, Palestine

29 July 2014