BADIL participates in the 26th Human Rights Council Session (including videos)

27 June 2014

The 26th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) took place between 10 and 27 June 2014. BADIL actively participated in the event, submitting two joint written statements and three oral submissions.

On 23 June, BADIL Resource Center organized a side event in corporation with Action Against Hunger and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights entitled “Nowhere left to go: Coercive Humanitarian Environment and the Risk of Forcible Transfer.” Next to this BADIL Resource Center participated in a side vent on 20 June on the issue of, “Right to Peace”.

The recent Human Rights Council session was an important opportunity for BADIL to promote its 2014 advocacy strategy and to uphold the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Written Statements

- Denial of Family Unification

The statement was submitted on behalf of 14 Palestinian and international human rights organizations and addresses the pressing issue of denial of family unification. As recognized within Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the family unit is the fundamental societal group, and as such is entitled to protection by States.

- Responsibility of private companies:the case of the Occupied Palestine Territory

When a territory is non self-governed or is under military occupation, besides the well known and recognized States responsibilities and obligations under international law and international humanitarian law, the role and responsibility of private companies must also be considered and duly evaluated in light of the human rights abuses of the people living under occupation.

Oral Statements (Videos)

12 June 2014:7th Meeting 26th Regular Session of Human Rights Council, chapter 2.

13 June 2014: 10th Meeting 26th Regular Session of Human Rights Council, chapter 7.

24 June 2014: 31st Meeting 26th Regular Session of Human Rights Council, chapter 40.