Highlights of al-Majdal Magazine (Issue 28, Winter 2006): One-State or Two-State Solutions

Highlights of al-Majdal Magazine (Issue 28, Winter 2006)


One-State or Two-State Solutions

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No. (E/04/06) 15 February 2006



The editorial of the most recent issue of al Majdal states that while facts on the ground inform solutions, principles of equality, freedom and justice should be primary considerations as these principles form a basis for self-determination and a durable solution. Many of the articles included in this issue of al Majdal are translated from BADIL's Arabic language publication, Haq al Awda, and reflect current Palestinian positions regarding one-state and two-state solutions, whether any of the two is viable and which is preferable.


Many articles discuss the current reality on the ground which points to a solution Israel is imposing, but authors differ on the implications of this reality. The articles are placed in conversation with each other: one argues for and considers the binational state solution and positions itself somewhere between the two-state and one-state solutions, others offer criticism of the binational framework and argue for two-states, while others offer criticism of the two-state solution and argue for a one-state solution.


General articles on Palestinian refugees include a discussion of UNRWA agency reforms and UNRWA development project in a Syrian refugee camp. A photo montage of the newly installed 'terminal' which has replaced a checkpoint in the wall between Bethlehem and Jerusalem compliments the theme articles' discussion of current facts on the ground. Also included in the general articles is a discussion of Israel's attempts to not be held legally culpable for its actions and an update of Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions campaigns against Israel.


As all of the discussion and reports taking place in the context of a post-Sharon leadership, included in this issue of al Majdal is a reflection upon what Sharon's presence, before and during his tenure as Prime Minister, meant to Palestinians.


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