Ali Badwan


Before it had been affected by the conflict, al-Yarmouk refugee camp received more displaced Syrians than Turkey and Jordan. However, at the moment the living conditions at al-Yarmouk are growing grimmer by the day. Beginning in mid-December 2012, its inhabitants started to leave the camp, marking a new Palestinian displacement. Ever since, the majority of residents of al-Yarmouk have been displaced to Damascus and its surrounding area. Lacking shelter and sustenance, those displaced are experiencing very harsh conditions, as both Palestinians and Syrians lost their livelihoods. Al-Yarmouk used to be a significant commercial and industrial hub, accommodating several major markets within the boundaries of the city of Damascus. Palestinian and Syrian inhabitants of the camp have sustained irreparable damage. In addition to many casualties, al-Fida’iya neighborhood in the camp has been largely destroyed.[2]