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The central issue to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues to be the mass displacement of Palestinians. The creation of refugees, currently 6.8 million, as well as creation of internally displaced persons, more than 600,000 on both sides of the Green Line, and refusing their right of reparation including their Right of Return is the main component of the ongoing Nakba. The violent uprooting of Palestinians from their homeland was waged in an evolving way from 1947 to the present. al-Majdal’s 53rd issue seeks to highlight this continuous crime. Our feature section profiles material presented in BADIL’s 4 June 2013 Conference on Forced Population Transfer, a preliminary response at coordinating a comprehensive defense against forcible displacement. The Clockwork of Ongoing Nakba: Unraveling Forced Population Transfer is intended to provide primary sources, extracts from BADIL’s conference and legal analysis – a roundup of the major components of our emerging work.

As in 1993, the 'crisis of representation' continues to draw urgency and attention from the Palestinian public.[1] In the post-Oslo era, the refrain refers to the Fatah-Hamas rift, general elections and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Over the past year leading English-language** websites such as Jadaliyya magazine and al-Shabaka: the Palestinian Policy Network have hosted discussions around the basic value of the PLO and its legislative body, the Palestinian National Council (PNC).This article will survey some of the most recent contributions to this debate aiming to highlight the main ideas wielded for and against elections to the PNC by contemporary Palestinian thinkers. I will review positions put forward in the 1 May 2013 al-Shabaka roundtable: “An Open Debate on Palestinian Representation”[2] and, to a lesser extent, the Jadaliyya “Roundtable on Palestinian Diaspora and Representation” published on 11 September 2012.[3] Additionally, I will reference individual articles addressing this theme published over the past year on the two platforms.[4] In order to leave the ‘crisis’ behind, deciding on and building a political strategy is the main task before Palestinians.