Hussien Abu Hussein

The youngest among the dead was two-month old Dina Mattar. Eight other children and six adults died that night, 22 July 2002, along with Dina. Around 140 people were left maimed or injured. There was no warning except maybe for the sound of the F-16 flying over their apartment building but who among the dead and injured would have guessed at that time that the F-16 was coming to drop a one-ton bomb in their densely populated neighborhood in Gaza City? The Israeli “operation” to take out one man,

 Right of Return - The Ever-present Fear, The Iqrit Model

Israeli Supreme Court Denies IDPs Latest Attempt to Return Home

Between 1948 and 2003 the Palestinian inhabitants of the depopulated village of Iqrit have issued four petitions to the Supreme Court, sitting as a High Court of Justice. The central tenet of all the decisions was far removed from the legal arguments – it was the fear of a precedent for the right of return.