Statement issued by the Popular Committees in the Palestinian Refugee Camps - West Bank, 26 April 2002:
To Our Steadfast People, To Our People Rooted in the Land of Palestine, Jenin al-Qassam, the site of the massacre, heralds the voice of Palestinian sacrifice and dignity from among the stench of the war crimes committed in this steadfast and heroic camp. In each Palestinian town, village and refugee camp, this voice is carried by our determination to survive, to challenge the policy of genocide, to rise above the dust of destruction and to remain steadfast in pride. Despite the bloody crime and despite the silence of the world, there is no surrender. The people of the Jenin refugee camp have refused to receive the aid sent to them by the US government and its agency USAID.

BADIL Information Packet (3rd Edition) - Includes Right of Return, Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights
Brochure, Palestinian Refugees in Exile Country Profiles, and BADIL Information & Discussion Briefs. (English & Arabic)
The Packet is also available on the BADIL website.
BADIL SPECIAL REPORT: Israel's March-April Military Campaign in the 1967 Occupied Palestinian Territories and the
Destruction of the Oslo Framework. International Law, Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, and a Comprehensive and Durable Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - An Agenda for Action. BADIL Resource Center, 15 April 2002 (22 pages)
Report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural
Rights, 25th Session, 23 April 2001, General Item: Follow-Up
Procedure (Israel). (English and Arabic), 28 pages

Phone Interview with Ali Ass'ad Amin Damaj ("Abu Ass'ad"), Member of the Residents' Emergency Committee, Jenin Refugee Camp, 20 and 21 April
The interview was conducted on two separate days, because of a shortage of batteries for cellular phones on the first day). Excerpts

Can you describe your current location in the camp?
We are a group of 50 people at the home of Afif Hussein Sarhan ("Abu Hussein"). His house is located in the Damaj quarter, a neighborhood in the eastern part of the Jenin refugee camp, 200 meters above the government hospital. Abu Hussein's household is usually composed of 13 family members, Abu Hussein, his wife Khitam, their 10 children aged 6 - 22, and his mother. My own house is only 6 meters away, we are neighbors. I am a refugee originating from the Khalissa neighborhood in Haifa, and Abu Hussein's family comes from the village of al-Mansi, also in the district of Haifa.

Israel's military campaign to suppress the al-Aqsa intifada continues to exact a heavy demand on UNRWA services. Heavy damage to refugee shelters and camp infrastructure along with damage to UNRWA installations has required two additional emergency appeals to international donors during the past three months in addition to the Agency's regular budget and emergency appeal for 2002.

List of 546 Palestinian victims of Israeli violence between 1 March and 13 June 2002. In total 83 were aged 18 and under. In total 361 Palestinians were killed between 1 April and 30 June 2002. 50 of those killed were age 18 and under. Between 29 September and 26 March 2002, 1653 Palestinians, including 16 inside Israel, have been killed byIsraeli security forces.
Between 29 September 2000 and 25 June 2002, 310 Israeli civilians were killed and 167 members of the Israeli security forces.
For the names of Palestinians killed between 29 September 2000 and 28 February 2002 see al-Majdal, Issues Nos. 7-13.

Between 10-17 June 2002, with the escalation of Israeli military operations against Palestinians in the 1967 occupied territories, Badil Resource Center led a Palestinian fact-finding delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) to enable Palestinian refugees to study the Bosnian refugee case, including suitable mechanisms to facilitate the return of refugees and displaced persons, international involvement in BiH, and the remaining obstacles that discourage or block the return process

International Proposal Negates Right of Refugees to Real Property Restitution: A new framework proposal for an imposed solution to the historic conflict in the Middle East (See, 'Right of Return' above) seeks to negate the right of Palestinian refugees to real property restitution. The proposal argues that because Palestinian refugee homes and villages no longer exist or are now inhabited by Jews real property restitution is no longer an option for Palestinian refugees.

1967 Refugees - 35 Years of Exile: June 2002 marked the 35th anniversary of the second major wave of mass displacement in Palestine. During the 1967 Israeli-Arab war more than 400,000 Palestinians were displaced, half of whom were 1948 refugees displaced for a second time in less than two decades. As in 1948, it is estimated that the majority of the refugees were displaced due to Israeli military assault and expulsion.

There were no major improvements in addressing the problem of international protection for Palestinians in the 1967 occupied territories, in general, and the specific protection gap for Palestinian refugees, in particular, during the second quarter of 2002. Not one single recommendation submitted by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Commission on Human Rights Special Commission of Inquiry, and the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Territories since the beginning of the al- Aqsa intifada has been implemented.

There were no improvements in protection for Palestinian refugees during the second quarter of 2002. The absence of an international mechanism with a recognized mandate to provide protection for Palestinian refugees continues to have a negative impact on refugees in all areas of exile. The severity of the situation in the 1967 occupied territories where the lack of international protection is compounded by Israel's ongoing illegal military occupation understandably tends to detract from the broader systemic problems concerning protection. The latter issues will be addressed in more detail in the September issue of al-Majdal.