New BADIL Publications

Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Palestinians 2002
This new publication by BADIL provides basic historical and current information on Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.

The Survey includes 6 chapters covering the historical circumstances of Palestinian displacement, population, legal status, socio-economic profile, international protection and assistance, and durable solutions. The Survey will be published annually by BADIL Resource Center. Available in English and Arabic. 200 pages. ISSN 1728-1679.
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Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition
Includes working papers submitted to the third annual meeting of the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition held in Copenhagen, December 2002. The publication also includes a summary of discussions and debate as well as the final statement issued by the Coalition. Arabic with English summaries.
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“Experiencing the Right of Return, Palestinian Refugees Visit Bosnia”
This 20 video documents a study visit of a delegation of Palestinian refugees to Bosnia-Herzegovina in June 2002. The delegation, comprised of refugees from Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Europe traveled to Bosnia in order to understand: What was done and how? What didn’t work and why? What are the lessons for Palestinians and their struggle for the implementation of the right of return and real property restitution?

Producer (Copyright): BADIL Resource Center.
Technical Production: ISIS for Audio-Visual Production.
Director: Alexander Goekjian.
Palestine, 2002.

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Al-Quds 1948: al-ahya’ al-‘arabiyah wa-masiruha fi harb 1948
Salim Tamari (ed.). Published by BADIL Resource Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies, 2002. ISBN 9953-9001-9-1.
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BADIL Hebrew Language Packet/The Right of Return
The Packet includes:
• Main Reader, ‘Palestinian Refugees:’ overview of the issue and demands of Palestinian refugees; law and principles guiding solutions to refugee problems; answers to frequently asked questions; obstacles to be tackled by a law- and rights-based solution (24 pages);
• Legal Brief, ‘Palestinian Refugees and their Right of Return, an International Law Analysis’ (16 pages);
• Executive Summary, ‘The Right of Return:’ Report of the Joint British Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Refugee Choice (28 pages; translation from the English original published in London, March 2002);
• Readers’ feedback sheet and background information about BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights.

The BADIL Hebrew-language Information Packet is available for NIS 30.
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BADIL Expert Forum Working Papers

The Right to Housing and Property Restitution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Working Paper No. 1
Paul Prettitore
28 pages, English and Arabic
ISSN 1728-1660

Justice Against Perpetrators, The Role of Prosecution in Peacemaking and Reconciliation Working Paper No. 2
Alejandra Vicente
19 pages, English and Arabic
ISSN 1728-1660

The Role of International Law and Human Rights in Peacemaking and Crafting Durable Solutions for Refugees: Comparative Comment Working Paper No. 3
Lynn Welchman
19 pages, English and Arabic
ISSN 1728-1660

Popular Sovereignty, Collective Rights, Participation and Crafting Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees Working Paper No. 4
Karma Nabulsi
13 pages, English and Arabic
ISSN 1728-1660

A complete list of all working papers is available on the BADIL website:

Resources from other Publishers

Forced Migration Online (FMO)
FMO is a digital library with approximately 3,000 full-text documents in electronic format which can be searched, read and printed as required. It includes recent and historical grey (unpublished) literature and research materials. FMO was launched in November 2002. For more information contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See also,

Forced Migration Review (FMR)
FMR is the in-house journal of the Refugee Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. FMR is a 48-page magazine published three / four times a year in English, Spanish and Arabic and produced in collaboration with the Global IDP Project of the Norwegian Refugee Council. FMR serves the humanitarian community by providing a practice-oriented forum for debate on issues facing refugees and internally displaced people in order to improve policy and practice and to involve refugees and IDPs in programme design and implementation.

Current and back issues of the English language version are online at and in Arabic at

Contact: Editors, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Queen Elizabeth House, 21 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LA, UK
tel: +44 (0)1865 280700 Fax +44 (0)1865 270721 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Access Denied Palestinian Land Rights in Israel
Hussein Abu Hussein and Fiona McKay

The struggle for land has been a key element of the conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine for the past hundred years. While international attention focuses on Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, legally outside Israel's boundaries, there is another dimension to the land question altogether. Nearly one-fifth of Israel's population is Palestinian. This book examines how Israeli land policy today inhibits access to land for its own Arab citizens even within the 1948 boundaries of the state of Israel.

Its authors - one a Palestinian lawyer and Israeli citizen, the other a British international human rights lawyer who worked in Israel for many years - examine the system of land ownership, the acquisition and administration of public land, and the control of land use through planning and housing regulations. The book reveals that the law is used to discriminate against non-Jewish citizens and restrict Israeli Palestinians' access to land. The authors demonstrate that Israeli land policies breach international human rights standards and that these standards could be used as a basis to challenge discriminatory policies.

The book may be ordered from Zed Books,
HbISBN 1 84277 122 1 £ 49.95 $75.00
PbISBN 1 84277 123 X £ 15.95 $25.00

Beer Sheba and Gaza Map 1948
Second Edition, February 2003

This map, produced by the Palestine Land Society, covers an area which has been largely unknown or misunderstood. It provides information 77 Bedouin clans in the Beer Sheba and Gaza area, including their location in 1948, their expulsion, their current place of refuge and their land claims. The map is based on travellers and military maps before WWI, British Mandate maps, papers of the Beer Sheba District Officer Aref al-Aref, information from Beer Sheba Societies in Gaza, Jordan and Israel, and personal interviews.
Scale 1:120,000. Size: 70 x 100 cm.
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Returning Home: Housing and Property Restitution Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons Scott Leckie (ed.). Forward by Theo van Boven

This volume is a unique effort to cover the topic of the restitution of housing and property in light of lessons learned in the Balkans, South Africa, East Timor, and in a range of other countries that have made the shift from conflict to peace. Individual chapters by authors with direct experience dealing with housing and properyt restitution in particular contexts will bring into focus the legal and human rights aspects of this question. Several chapters deal with unresolved restitution cases, all of which will require resolution sooner or later, including in Georgia, Turkey, and for specific groups including Palestinian refuges, indigenous peoples and the internally displaced themselves. Housing and property restitution is now viewed as an essential element of post-conflict reconstruction. It is a primary means of reversing ‘ethnic cleansing’ and vital to securing a war-torn nation’s future stability. All parties involved in human rights, refugee assistance, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation, and property rights will find this volume to be an indispensable resource.
Summer 2003. Approx. 450 pages. ISBN 1-57105-241-0. USD 125.00/hardcover. Special 30% Pre-Publication Discount for Orders Received by 8/30/2003. Contact Transnational Publishers, Inc., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

National Perspectives on Housing Rights
Scott Leckie (ed.) Forward by Nelson Mandela

More than one billion people around the world do not have adequate housing. How far does human rights law help to remedy this problem? What measures must governments take to protect people against housing rights violations? What are the strengths and weaknesses of human rights law in the housing area? Is the current law enough, or are new laws necessary? These and many other questions are addressed in the various chapters contained in this book.
May 2003, 335 pages/hardcover. ISBN 90-411-2013-0. USD 125.00. To order contact,

Records of Dispossession, Palestinian Refugee Property and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Michael R. Fischbach

Afforded unprecedented access to the UN Conciliation Commission for Palestine’s untouched archives, Michael Fischbach has written a path-breaking study of one of the largest and most vexing refugee movements of the twentieth century. From late 1947 through 1948, more than 726,000 Palestinians – about one-half the entire population – left their homes and villages. While some middle class refugees fled with liquid capital, the majority consisted of small-scale farmers whose worldly fortunes were the land, livestock, and crops they had left behind. For the first time this book tells the full story of how much property was left behind, what it was worth and how it was used by the fledgling state of Israel. It then traces the subsequent decades of diplomatic activity on the issue.
December 2003, 520 pages, 99 figures. ISBN 0-231-12978-5. USD 39.50. Contact

The Politics of Denial, Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
Nur Masalha

The aim of this book is to analyse Israeli policies towards the Palestinian refugees as they evolved from the 1948 catastrophe (or nakba) to the present. It is the first volume to look in detail at Israeli law and policy surrounding the refugee question. Drawing on extensive primary sources and previously classified archive material, Masalha discusses the 1948 exodus; Israeli resettlement schemes since 1948; Israeli approaches to compensation and restitution of property; Israeli refugee policies towards the internally displaced (‘present absentees’); and Israeli refugee policies during the Madrid and Oslo negotiations.
October 2003, 298 pages, ISBN/cloth 0 7453 2121 6 USD 75.00 or ISBN/hardcover 0 7453 2120 8 USD 24.95. To order contact Pluto Press:

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