(16 February 2017) Conversations on Palestine: Second Webinar Series with Jewish Voices for Peace Completed

BADIL and JVP completed another webinar series on 13 February 2017. With the purpose of raising awareness and enhancing the relationship with American civil society and social justice movements, BADIL provided a three part lecture series on: the nuances of forcible transfer in the case of the Old City of Hebron; the facets of Israeli and international colonization; and the denial of the Palestinian right to self-determination through a historic critic of the role of the international community in Balfour Declaration, the Nakba and the Occupation.  For the webinar series materials and recordings of the lecture series see here. The series was attended by 160 participants from the across the USA.

This is the second webinar series in partnership with JVP; the first occurred in March of 2016 and addressed the core causes of the Palestinian refugee issue; namely Israeli perpetrated forcible transfer, colonization and apartheid through the contemporary policies of displacement and the corporate complicity in violations of international law and human rights.

BADIL will be participating in JVP National Member Meeting scheduled for 31 March – 2 April 2017, through a number of plenaries and workshops.  BADIL and JVP will also embark on an awareness raising tour covering the Midwestern states of the USA. Exact locations and dates will be provided soon.

BADIL’s relationship with JVP is based on mutual recognition of the rights of all peoples to promote demand and achieve social justice across continents.