(31 Dec 15) BADIL releases its second paper on Business and Human Rights in Palestine

31 December 2015
BADIL is pleased to publish its second corporate complicity paper titled Pursuing Accountability for Corporate Complicity in Population Transfer in Palestine. BADIL’s first paper was titled, Corporate Complicity in Violations of International law in Palestine published in December 2014.

While the first paper overviewed corporate complicity in violations of international law, the second paper shows how corporations, such as Caterpillar and Volvo among others engage in the international crime of forcible transfer. These corporations play a substantial role in profiting from, enabling and facilitating the act of forced population transfer, through their business relationships and activities, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) including East Jerusalem. Such actions, conducted with direct and indirect support from Israel, remain in clear violation of internationally established frameworks that place obligations on corporations and states to operate in accordance with international law.

Although legal mechanisms may present a venue for redress of human rights violations by businesses, they do not cater to the pursuit of accountability for all forms of complicity. Accordingly, the information and guidance provided in the paper provide organizations, advocates and interested parties the opportunity to feasibly pursue accountability through all avenues permitted by their respective capacities.
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