(28 Dec. 2015) BADIL releases its Working Paper No. 18 on the Installment of a Permit Regime

28 December 2015
BADIL publishes Working Paper No. 18 on the Installment of a Permit Regime, as part of its 10-paper Series on Forced Population Transfer: The Case of Palestine.
With more than 100 different types of permits in 2015, the Israeli permit regime infiltrates all aspects of Palestinians’ lives. This Working Paper looks into the restrictions and limitations imposed by this regime in Mandate Palestine (the oPt and Israel) and also to Palestinians living abroad.
Permits regulate and interfere with various facets of life, such as the freedom of movement within and out of Palestine; work, development, education and transporting goods and assets. This Working Paper explores issues connected to civil and political rights, economic rights as well as social and cultural rights. It is also important to note that this paper adopts a broad approach as to what constitutes a “permit”. Therefore, not only are officially labeled permits discussed in this paper, but so too are Israeli regulations and practices which – in their imposition of severe restrictions – effectively act as permits.
This Working Paper shows that the permit regime is not only a mechanism of enforcing other displacement policies, such as discriminatory zoning and planning policies, denial of residency or land confiscation, but it is also a standalone method of displacing Palestinians. The permit regime works to deliberately generate a wide range of unbearable and daily constraints targeting Palestinian individuals, communities and people.

The installment of a permit regime, together with other policies of forced population transfer, strips Palestinians of their fundamental rights and creates an environment in which it becomes ever more difficult to remain. As long as Israel maintains the imposition of the permit regime by which Palestinians’ human dignity, prospects, and opportunities are razed on daily basis, and as long as the international community deals with Israel’s regime as a legitimate right of regulating the territory under its control, Palestinians will find little choice but to leave.

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About the series:
This Series of Working Papers on forced population transfer is intended to encourage debate, and to stimulate discussion and critical comment. Together, and drawing upon desk and field-based research, these papers will identify and explore the key components of Israel’s policies and mechanisms of forced transfer of the Palestinian population. Specifically, these components are as follows:
- Denial of residency
- Installment of a permit regime
- Land confiscation and denial of use
- Discriminatory zoning and planning
- Segregation
- Denial of natural resources and access to services
- Denial of refugee return
- Suppression of Palestinian steadfastness and resistance
- Non-state actions (with the implicit consent of the Israeli state)