(11 Aug. 2015) 'Sign the petition: No to Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism. Open Gaza to Build​'.


BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights welcomes and supports the "No to Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism, Open Gaza to Build" initiative, which seeks to raise much-needed awareness of what has been the inevitable failure of this mechanism to deliver a just outcome to those Palestinians who suffered such incalculable loss during Israel's military assault on the Gaza Strip last summer.

The scale of wanton, physical destruction inflicted upon this Palestinian enclave was vast, and any viable reconstruction effort must be rooted in humanitarian principles as laid out in international law, and a lifting of Israel's ongoing blockade, rather than the present scenario whereby an inherently discriminatory mechanism is overseen and implemented by the occupying power.

Accordingly, BADIL encourages all those who desire to see the Gaza Strip as a healthy, functioning entity - characterized by, inter alia, access to adequate housing, health care and other essential services - to sign the below petition, and push for a just solution to Israel's ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory.