(14 July 2015) BADIL Participates in the UNHCR Annual Consultations, 2015


The BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights welcomed the opportunity to participate in the UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs of 2015, which took place from July 1st to 3rd. During the conference, BADIL took the opportunity to raise and discuss a number of important issues that concern Palestinians and Palestinian refugees.

With regards to Israel’s military assault on the Gaza Strip last summer, BADIL brought attention to the plight of over 100,000 Palestinians who, 12 months later, remain internally displaced as a direct result of Israeli attacks. BADIL also highlighted the factors which have led to the complete failure to rebuild any of the 12,000+ housing units which were totally destroyed during the assault, as well as the need to ensure the protection of schools during periods of armed conflict. BADIL also called for the tangible application of UNHCR’s Global Action Plan to End Statelessness – such as “ensur[ing] that no child is born stateless” – to Palestinian refugees, who face a protracted situation of statelessness.

In addition, during the regional panel on refugees in the Middle East, BADIL shed light on the protection failures suffered by Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon and Jordan, and Egypt and Turkey. During the panel on refugees in Europe, BADIL highlighted the mistreatment of Palestinian refugees in Cyprus, especially their limited right to work and lack of adequate housing, as well as the lack of education programs provided for refugees and asylum seekers in Cyprus, France, Greece and Romania. Finally, BADIL called for the application of effective protection standards to all refugees.

The meeting also served as a forum through which to meet with relevant actors and organizations, to exchange ideas and to foster collaboration efforts in overcoming the challenges in providing proper assistance and protection to refugees.