(25 May 2015) Palestinian refugees from Syria: Ongoing Nakba, Ongoing Discrimination (2)


25 May 2015

BADIL releases the Summer 2015 issue of al-Majdal (#57), titled “Palestinian refugees from Syria: Ongoing Nakba, Ongoing Discrimination 2”. This is the second of our two-issue focus on Palestinian refugees in/from Syria. In both issues, the articles survey the humanitarian and legal status of displaced Palestinians, elaborate the international framework in the Syria crisis, and discuss the implications of this crisis and the terrible outcomes it leads to.

The level of protection provided to Palestinian refugees under Arab regional and national instruments and mechanisms is significantly low. Although host states are obliged to protect Palestinian refugees in accordance with the international standards set by the human rights conventions they are party to, and under international law, most states, however, fail to protect Palestinian refugees according to these standards. This matter worsens as instability increases in states hosting Palestinian refugees.

The preceding al-Majdal covered the situation of Palestinian refugees from Syria in Lebanon and Jordan. The current issue presents an account of their situation in Syria, Egypt and Turkey.