(01 April 2015) BADIL speaking tour in the United States: the Nakba and the Right of Return

Press release


BADIL, in collaboration with Zochrot and the Nakba Education Project in the United States, toured the Northeast coast of the US (New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston) between 13 and 23 March 2015. The tour aimed to present the ongoing Nakba of the Palestinian people, and BADIL’s vision calling for a rights-based solution for the Palestinian refugee problem.

The tour included 13 lectures, conferences and workshops in universities and churches, as well as meetings with US civil society and grass-roots organizations, solidarity groups, activists and lawyers. These events addressed an historical overview on displacement in Palestine; triggers for ongoing forcible displacement; distribution of Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons; durable solutions for the displaced Palestinians; international protection gaps; the situation of Palestinian refugees in host countries especially in Syria; BADIL-Zochrot joint action on practicalities of return; and the centrality of the right of return in contemporary Palestinian life and culture.

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