Haq Al Awda, BADIL's Arabic-language bi-monthly magazine is released

Haq Al Awda,
BADIL's Arabic-language bi-monthly magazine is released

For Immediate Release

No. (E/03/06) 04 February 2006



Haq Al Awda, BADIL's Arabic-language bi-monthly magazine is released.
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BADIL's Arabic bi-monthly magazine Haq al-Awda (no. 15, January 2006) was released shortly before the Palestinian Legislative Council Elections. It provides analysis and updates of recent developments in the Palestinian and global Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel until it abides to international law. This issue of Haq al-Awda includes news and analysis contributed by a number of activists, journalists, and academics from Palestine and abroad.

Contributions to this issue include, among others, writing on public responses to Palestinian boycott efforts in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a summary of highlights of the 2005 BDS campaign both in and outside Palestine, a discussion on challenging normalization and the role NGOs play in the boycott of Israeli products, writing about the continued necessity of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions, a discussion of boycott and the Israeli peace camp, a report about the situation of Palestinian workers in Israel and the search for a political response to their exploitation, suggestions for popular mobilization for the Palestinian Boycott Campaign, a discussion of South Africa and Palestine/Israel in the context of the boycott campaign, writing about boycott as a tool of resistance against racist discrimination and about the EU and its relations with Israel, an update about BDS activity in Norway, and a reprint of the Palestinian Civil Society Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and the 171 endorsing organizations and networks.

In addition, Haq al-Awda reports about the recent activities undertaken by the gobal Palestine Right-of-Return Coalition, including: a call of Palestinians in exile for participation in Palestinian elections; reports from the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Palestine Right of Return Coalition, an international conference on Palestinian refugee protection held in Damacus, the second Right of Return Conference held in Nazareth, and BADIL organized visits of Palestinian students, journalists and internally displaced people in Israel to community organizations in the occupied West Bank.

Haq al-Awda, No. 15 (January 2006)
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center
)Arabic, 24 pages(