Rifat Odeh Kassis

Rev. Andrew Love is a United Church of Canada minister who has started a campaign to get rank-and-file members to reject a proposal from the Church’s hierarchy to launch an economic boycott against Israel following the call of Kairos Palestine. Rifat Kassis, Kairos Palestine General Coordinator, responded to some of Rev. views expressed in a lecture held by him in Canada for church members.

On February 4, 2013, Andrew Love, a minister in the United Church of Canada (UCC), gave a presentation at the Rideau Park United Church in Ottawa, Canada. Rev. Love argued against recent calls for boycott of the SodaStream company, which has its headquarters next to Ma’ale Adumim, one of the largest illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). His talk developed into a broader critique of the UCCs stance on Israel/Palestine – or, better put, into a defence of the Israeli occupation itself.

January 2012

In December 2009, the Kairos Palestine Group - a group of Palestinian Christians comprising both clergy and laypeople - launched a document entitled “A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering.” In its essence, the Kairos Document is Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about the Israeli occupation and a call for support and solidarity in establishing a just peace in our region. This document is more than simply a text: it seeks to be a living initiative, a platform for discussion and action, a movement based upon and working towards the end of Israeli apartheid and the creation of a just peace.