A Call for Support issued by BADIL Resource Center and the BADIL Friends Forum on the 51st Anniversary of UN Resolution 194

Our Petition for Palestinian Restitution was drafted in conjunction with Palestinian researchers, discussed with Palestinian refugee organizations and activists in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan in early 1999, and endorsed by many of them. The petition campaign aims to raise international awareness of Palestinian refugees’ right to restitution (right of return, return of properties, compensation for material and non-material losses) in the context of the broader, current debate about restitution of victims of past and present ethnic cleansing policies, such as victims of the Nazi crimes, Bosnian and Kosovar refugees, and others.

The Petition for Palestinian Restitution was launched in March 1999. Since then some 1,000 signatures have been collected worldwide. It accompanied a photo exhibition on Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon through numerous cities and towns in the United States, and was presented to the European Parliament in November 1999, in preparation of a special briefing of the European Union on Palestinian refugee rights scheduled for spring 2000 by BADIL's partner network in Europe. Throughout the year 2000, the petition will continue to serve as a tool for awareness raising and campaigning for the Palestinian refugees' right to return and restitution, a right whose recognition and implementation is a condition for a just and durable peace in the Middle East.

We call upon friends and partners abroad to support this petition campaign by:
1. SIGNING ON to the petition (via fax, email, or directly on our website);
2. COLLECTING SIGNATURES of personalities, organizations, and individuals in the respective countries;
3. PRESENTING THE PETITION in public events, briefings and lobbying activities targeting international policy makers.

The petition is available in English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, German, Dutch, and Spanish.