Information Packet (3rd Edition) - Includes Right of Return, Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights Brochure, Palestinian Refugees in ExileCountry Profiles, and BADIL Information & Discussion Briefs. (English & Arabic)
The Packet is also available on the BADIL website.
Follow-Up Information Submitted to the Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Regarding the Committee's 1998 "Concluding Observations", Regarding Israel's Serious Breaches of its Obligations under the International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, for the 13 November 2000 Convening of the Committee, With Special Documentary Annex (Prepared by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta), Quantifying Land Confiscation inside the Green Line.(English and Arabic), 65 pages Report to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 25th Session, 23 April 2001, General Item: Follow-Up Procedure (Israel). (English and Arabic), 28 pages

The 1948 Palestinian Refugees and the IndividualRight of Return: An International Law Analysis, January 2001. Prepared by Gail J. Boling, Coordinator of the BADIL Legal Unit. (English and Arabic), 50 pages Occasional Bulletin No. 6 - Physical Protection for Refugee Populated Areas. (English and Arabic), 4 pages For a complete list of BADIL Occasional Bulletins, see the BADIL website
The First Regional Coordinating Meeting between Organizations working in the field of the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights, Cyprus (October 2000). (Arabic), 80 pages

Jerusalem 1948: The Arab Neighborhoods of the City and their Fate in the War (BADIL/IJS, 1999). The book is available in English with Arabic translation of the introduction, 304 pages. ISBN 0-88728-274-1. 2nd Revised edition forthcoming. Arabic edition forthcoming. BADIL Website To order BADIL publications, please contact BADIL: Tel/Fax. 274-7346 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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