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Eviction from Jerusalem: Restitution and Protection
of Palestinian Rights (BADIL, 1999)
English and Arabic, 30 pages, US$5.
Jerusalem 1948: The Arab Neighbourhoods of the City and Their Fate in the War (BADIL/IJS, 1999) The book is available in English with Arabic translation of the introduction, 304 pages, US$15. ISBN 0-88728- 274-1
NEW: Arabic Edition forthcoming! Refugee Campaign Packet: The Right of Return (English and Arabic, 2nd Edition, BADIL, 2000)
The packet includes a program of action for the campaign,

background information about Palestinian refugees, refugee lands and properties, the right of return, protection and assistance, and a list of Palestinian refugee organizations and NGOs. Includes Campaign Guidebook, Country Profiles - Palestinian Refugees in
Exile, and BADIL Information & Discussion Briefs. US$10.
Badil Information & Discussion Briefs
Brief No. 1: Reinterpreting Palestinian Refugee Rights Under International Law, and a Framework for Durable Solutions (Susan M. Akram) (Febru ary 2000)
Brief No. 2:
Fora Available for Palestinian Refu gee Restitution, Compensation and Related Claims (Susan M.Akram) (February 2000)
Brief No. 3: The Evolution of an Independent, Community-Based Campaign for Palestinian Refugee Rights in the 1967 Occupied Palestinian Territories and 1948 Palestine/Israel (Ingrid Jaradat Gassner) (February 2000)
Brief No. 4: Temporary Protection Status and its Applicability to the Palestinian Case (Susan M. Akram) (June 2000)
Brief No. 5: The United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine, Protection and a Durable Solution for Palestinian Refugees (Terry Rempel) (June 2000)
Additional Briefs forthcoming.
US$5 print copies; free copies on the BADIL website.